1. Salesforce Data management: mass update, secure export (scheduled export), export of System objects, mass remove. Setting up Duplicating policy


2. Fairsail & Docusign Integration + Full Configuration


3. Salesforce & Docusign Integration + Full Configuration


4. Email/Gmail Salesforce Integration / setup


5. Fairsail HRM system: full configuration (including salesforce side and WX setup)


6. Salesforce & Jira: Integration (1st line – automatic ticket creation once condition is met in Salesforce)


7. Salesforce Classic to Lightning configuration migration


8. Salesforce & Pardot Integration + Full Configuration, Automated flows, Email Templates, Segmentation, Dynamic data, Dynamic Lists


9. Salesforce & SpringCM Integration + Full Configuration


10. Salesforce Training Courses: Admin Training, User Training (including possibilities of development, integration)


11. Salesforce User Guide. Adaptive user guide including current Salesforce Configuration. User guide – for Admins. User guide – for Users.


12. ZOHO CRM – Full Configuration


13. ZOHO to Salesforce & Salesforce to ZOHO – Data and Configuration Migration